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Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman

FXTD and 3D Generalist

my name is ahmed abd el rahman , i'm a freelancer visual effects artist and The Co-Founder of PrismFx CGI Studio , i have been worked in the industry for 8 years in various fields like 3d motion graphics and FX Dynamics , currently i'm 3d generalist and FXTD , also i'm teching - beside my work - FX Simulation , digital environment on clarrise , FX Dynamics , 3d Photo realistic rendering . i work with various tools that make my work efficient and fast like 3ds max , cinema 4d , fumefx , phoenixFD , Tyflow , and various render engines

worked at :

PrismFxStudio Co-Founder

3D Generalist Instructor at Tahaworld.com

Fx Instructor at ‎AL-Shrouk Academy.

FX and shading instructor at Almentor

Shading Artist at RenderThat

FXTD at RioStudio

Experience : FX Dynamics , Rendering , Texturing

Website : https://www.facebook.com/PrismFxStudio

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